Choose the person who will watch over your plants in your absence, renew the identity papers of the whole family, stock up on sunscreen… As the summer holidays approach, your list of things to do keeps stretching out.

Only here it is: it’s not just your days lounging on a warm sandy beach that you have to prepare for. Far from there ! For a rest worthy of the name, be sure to also prepare your trip well, whether on land, on the sea or in the air.

If you are one of the vacationers who will be hitting airports this summer, you have to make sure you have taken a few precautions. Here are a few :

Did you get on the plane on time? You are not at the end of your sentence, however. Talkative neighbour, turbulence, anxiety… Do you have trouble falling asleep in the air? Check out 6 unstoppable tips in our slideshow below.