6. June is going to visitors with wait times at mountain Railways, cable car and boat trip operators have used the time to create concepts for protection against the Coronavirus. Many reduce their maximum transport capacity. Our Overview Of.Jon Mettler1 Comment1

waited, Switzerland has for a long time: Starting at 6. June can also cable cars and the cruise resume operation. Travelers have to adjust to a new normal for the time with the new Coronavirus. Since the cable – railway and shipping companies, to public transport, are for your customers and employees the same specifications as, for example, for the SBB.

The most important is the distance of two meters and hygiene regulations. This includes cutting discs at the box office, and regular cleaning of surfaces. Wearing a mouth guard is not mandatory for the tourists, but is recommended – especially when in vehicles or waiting areas, the distances can not be met.

a survey of mountain Railways and shipping companies, shows, have you adjusted your protection concepts in accordance with the recommendations of the Confederation in different ways.

JungfraubahnenReto Oswald, head of quality and risk management of the Jungfrau Railways, posing with a protective mask a few days before the re-opening of the Jungfraujoch for tourists.Photo: Anthony Anex (Keystone)

the employees of The Jungfrau Railways, which are in direct contact with the customer and at the box office by a sheet of plexiglass are protected, you need to wear a Mouth guard. Customers without a Mouth guard can stations such at most railway stations and stations of the Jungfrau Railways to the cost of purchase price of 1 franc. With a variety of posters, announcements and Notices, the company draws the attention of the visitors to the correct behavior. Jungfrau Railways Director Urs Kessler assumes that the traveler’s responsibility to be aware of the behavior.

Pilatus Railway for the time being, the Pilatus-Railways to transport their cable car is only 30, instead of the maximum of 55 passengers.Photo: Urs Wyss (swiss-image.ch)

The Pilatus-Bahnen ask your customers, stay in sight, if in the past few days, disease symptoms, “which indicate a respiratory disease”. In addition, the capacity of the gear train is limited to a maximum of 6 instead of 8 people per compartment. In the cable car, the company transported a maximum of 30 instead of 55 passengers. It can come to waiting periods, the Pilatus-Bahnen.

schilthornbahn no capacity restrictions are planned: The fourth section of the schilthorn cable car from Birg to the schilthorn summit.Photo: Bruno Petroni

The company relies on the personal responsibility of the guests. The schilthorn Bahn recommends the Wearing of protective masks, if the distance rules cannot be met. In the revolving restaurant in the separator were assembled walls made of Plexiglas. “Thanks to this measure, the 300 seats may be made available,” according to the schilthorn Bahn. In the cable car cabins, however, there is no capacity limitation.

Titlis Bergbahnen40 instead of 80 people per train: Titlis Bahn and the Trübsee.Photo: BOM

The Titlis mountain Railways to their operation gradually and reduce the transport capacity also. 6. June, it is at the gondola in Engelberg-Trübsee for the time being, is only possible for guests to travel together in a 8-seater gondola, which are also on the road together. “So it may be that a family of five is in a gondola, a Couple or a single person,” according to the company. A week later, the air takes the cable car to their weekend operation, but with 40 instead of 80 people per train. 4. July, drives the air track rope on a daily basis.

Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft”All ships are to be regularly cleaned and disinfected”: ships on the lake of Biel.Photo: Adrian Moser

The Bielersee-Schifffahrts-Gesellschaft will be on your course rides whenever possible, with the big ships on the way. The maximum number of customers is reduced to half of its original capacity. Compliance with the spacing rules to the outdoor spaces, the company sees the responsibility of the guests. The company asks their customer to remain up to Create the ships sit so that the distance in the Central nave, while the A – and exit can be observed. “All ships are to be regularly cleaned and disinfected”, it means more.

Zürichsee shipping company will apply the protection measures and capacity restrictions: A boat of the lake of Zurich boat trip is ready for the small tour.Photo: Urs Jaudas

The lake Zurich shipping company stands out until 8. June in the lake. The carriage of passengers on the ships is limited, and on Board apply measures the usual protection. In particular, the company asks the customers to buy the Tickets already before you travel or to pay with contactless on-Board. So larger people to avoid accumulations in the checkout area.

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