Did you know ? Aspirin isn’t the only product in your medicine cabinet with miraculous properties for cleaning up the house. Hydrogen peroxide, generally used to treat wounds and prevent infections, is a powerful disinfectant and stain remover, which has the advantage of being natural and therefore less dangerous than household products bought in supermarkets. This should not prevent you from respecting certain precautions for use.

Passeport Santé recommends, for example, always rinsing the hydrogen peroxide well, respecting the doses and not repeating the applications too regularly. In the kitchen, in the bathroom or in your children’s bedroom… In our slideshow below, discover six uses of hydrogen peroxide at home.

The magazine specializing in health topics also gives some beauty tips for using hydrogen peroxide. It would, for example, lighten a few locks of hair. Warning: this is only possible if your scalp is in excellent health, natural, not permed, not colored.

All you have to do is apply a cotton ball soaked in the 20-volume solution on the chosen locks of hair and leave on for about fifteen minutes. “Then wash your hair with shampoo and ideally, do a conditioner or a mask, because hydrogen peroxide is very drying”, specifies Passeport Santé. Naturally, make sure that this use remains occasional.