Summer is coming, the Covid-19 is taking a break, and you have only one desire left: to go on vacation and get away from it all after two difficult years. However, in the face of inflation, your projects are called into question while the cost of raw materials, but also taxes and prices soar. As in many other sectors, air transport is also bearing the brunt of the effects of inflation linked to the increase in kerosene and the war in Ukraine. Finding a plane ticket at a reasonable price therefore seems to be a real challenge for the French.

The management of Air France-KLM told the BBC: the price increase that we are currently experiencing for air transport is “inevitable”. Impossible, therefore, to escape an inflation that affects all French people, all sectors, and seems set to increase as the months go by. While oil has reached its highest level since 2014, the company had mentioned, as early as January, an increase in its prices ranging from 1 to 12 euros to compensate for the additional cost of sustainable aviation fuel.

Since 2019, the figures have continued to grow, as highlighted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, which records an increase of 13.5% on the domestic network and 10.2% on the international network. Destinations such as North Africa, Asia and the Middle East are among the hardest hit by this price spike. In addition to the cost of oil, telework has a direct link with this increase. Business class has, in fact, been emptied of its passengers since videoconferencing has replaced face-to-face professional exchanges. This results in less profitability of the flights for the companies, which must increase their prices in economy class.

Although it has already been announced that the price increase will continue over time, your travel desires should not, however, be dampened. Thanks to a few simple tips, you can get plane tickets at low prices for different French and European destinations. When starting your research, start by carrying out your investigations using private browsing. This is a good way to divert airlines from your personal data and thus obtain more attractive prices after having emptied your cache and deleted your cookies.

Online travel agencies can offer you attractive rates, especially during last-minute promotions. Ideally, you should be flexible on your travel dates and be able to plan an unexpected departure, but also travel during the week, at a lower cost compared to the weekend. At the same time, school holidays are to be avoided, as are the months of July, May and September, which are often in high demand. In order to offer you solutions adapted to your needs, discover, in this slideshow, 5 tips for obtaining a plane ticket for less than 20 euros.