Hand wash, banned from visiting the elderly care facility and a curfew over the province border. The corona virus spread has been slowed down and braked in many ways.

in Germany, France and the Uk citizen is ordered to stay at home a fine penalty of perjury.

in Finland, the recommended distance jogging is one and a half meters ohikulkijasta.

Means there is a bewildering big differences.

Yle asked two experts how the virus will be discouraged. Enough isolation, or do a large enough part of the population get sick or get in time immunity vaccination?

Questions answered the university of Tampere, epidemiology professor Pekka Nuorti and the university of Turku virus professor Ilkka Julkunen .

Britain to build a 4,000-seat field hospital in East London. The picture in the london hospital the daily life last Friday night.Andy Rain / EPA

1. Can a pandemic be stopped before a sufficient number of people are sick?

health promotion: Yes it can be stopped. It’s not necessarily a pandemic of it. See, for example, what China has managed to do. The chinese had an epidemic, at least so far, knock to radical quarantine themselves.

the Whole Wuhan province was put into quarantine and transport across. Sufferers share is extremely small, only 80 000 people. Radical restrictions slow down the pandemic and prevent, at best, its spread more widely.

Nuorti: I don’t know, is this the final truth, when the situation is pretty new, only three months old. But we have the experience, that it could have been stopped.

for Example, in China there is a pandemic stopped the classical epidemiological measures. There have been identified to aggressively developing products and tested by a lot of people.

Sick have been isolated, traced to their close contacts and prescribed in the quarantine. This has been done in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong kong and China. Taiwan was learned in the sars epidemic a lot.

herd protection, the best vaccine by. Corona vaccine is not yet. Shutterstock

2. How many people should Finland get sick, that would be the so-called herd protection?

health promotion: herd protection is not exactly defined what it means. It depends on the causative virus.

the herd protection is the term used for vaccination. If the disease is extremely contagious, like for example measles, the population’s immune protection need to be at least 95 percent, that is either a vaccinated or previously contracted the disease. Then the epidemic to prevent.

respiratory infections do not stick as well. If half the population has been vaccinated or had the disease, then it coagulates. In practice, this always happens. The larger part is the disease of the sick, the smaller the ice the new epidemic.

What’s more is infected with the control means, i.e. social contacts are reduced and hands are washed, the faster the epidemic will pass, or does not constitute an epidemic at all.

Nuorti it is an important Question, but it currently does not have a response. Has presented estimates according to which two thirds should get infected that herd protection is developing.

the Big uncertainties that we have identified the cases and a big part of the cases which do not come to knowledge, which is a bit symptomatic or asymptomatic. They can be up to half of those infected.

Insulation is important. Most of the infected can be a bit symptomatic or asymptomatic. Petteri Sopanen / Yle

3. Are you eristämiset and limitations in human relations the best way to eradicate the virus forever

health promotion : you can’t say “eradicate once and for all”. There is no such possibility. But if there is a new viral disease, hand hygiene improvement and social contact reduction are the only way to prevent virus disease spread in the population.

Nuorti: They are extremely important. In particular, if some of the infected have little symptomatic or asymptomatic. Them is thus impossible to identify.

4. Would it be enough that only many sick and elderly people are isolated?

health promotion: Then we would have more cases. In practice, it is impossible to isolate the older people and basic sick, they are in Finland, a total of more than million.

How are they isolated and who would take care of? For example, if you have diabetes or cancer, people have to go to the hospital and then faced the people in the taxi and the hospital lobby.

Nuorti: , Unfortunately, it is not enough. Viruses find their way to different places. If a person has some symptoms or asymptomatic, the virus can spread widely without being detected. It can be obtained, for example, a nurse or someone else who is elderly with.

the Elderly have been advised to stay as much as possible at home to prevent infection. Frida Lönnroos / Yle

5. Whether the pandemic eventually possible to suppress the ?

health promotion: Yes, these epidemics and pandemics go over. In different places developing different number of people. What’s more is done to combat it, the lower left population that got sick.

the event of a Pandemic it is possible that will be the new wave. Is this corona virus case, it is difficult to say. For example, Sars was fighting actions eradicated, it is no longer seen anywhere.

Nuorti : the herd protection generated then, when born. Currently, these restrictions action are important. That give the herd immunity generated, it is untenable idea.

for Example in the Uk was changed very quickly opinion. Finland has fortunately been reached for the measures at an earlier stage than in neighbouring countries.

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