Feminist and attached to her femininity. Before finding herself at the center of all or almost all conversations, Audrey Azoulay was Minister of Culture during (the only) mandate of François Hollande. She then succeeded Fleur Pellerin, in the third government established during the mandate and led by Manuel Valls. Then, after the election of Emmanuel Macron, she moved away from the world of political politics to become the director general of Unesco.

If her name emerges again in the press, it is because she could now suit the demands of the newly re-elected head of state, who is desperately looking for a candidate – a candidate, even! – to sit at Matignon and take over from Jean Castex. However, she is not the only one whose profile could hit the mark. The names of Marisol Touraine and Elisabeth Borne were also regularly mentioned.

In order to get to know better the woman who could govern France in the days to come, Planet offers you a compilation of anecdotes about her, which you will find in the slideshow at the end of this article.

Because it is clear that Audrey Azoulay is not well known. When she was appointed under François Hollande, in 2016, she did not even have a wikipedia page, reports the pure-player Slate on her site. Many journalists, of whom she was then the minister responsible, had to search for her name on Google to manage to put a face to her name, they continued then.

From now on, it no longer has the same aura: a significant number of figures named by Emmanuel Macron have been able to recover important morocco leather without necessarily being very well known to the general public. Some have not had much opportunity to exist due to the health crisis… but an unknown minister appears less surprising.