It seems to be a drone recording. Since the photographed Person is in a high-rise on the balcony, the flying eye must have on your findings, one wonders, however, about the ball-shaped distortions at the edge of the image. In this case, a drone pilot, however, is not easily done in the middle of the living plant and become. The snapshot is very down-to-earth with a camera and a Selfie-Stick. Thanks to the wide-angle lens, the camera seems to be at a great distance, and the Stick is calculated by the Software automatically from the images.

Michael Spehr

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

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these and many other Tricks to succeed with a 360-degree camera, which has two optical units, one on the front and a second on the back. The Insta 360 One X comes from the 2014 in China, founded in company Insta 360, which has found a gap and as a pioneer in the industry.

The new camera is hardly bigger than a chocolate bar, it accurately measures 11,5 × 4,8 × 2,8 inches and weighs with battery 115 grams. The two camera eyes sticking out of the rubberized and properly processed case. In about an hour and a half charged battery you can change, and at the bottom of the housing base both a slot for Micro-SD cards as well as a ¼ -inch thread for connecting a Selfie Stick or tripod. Two buttons on the back serve to operate, and the round Mini-screen below the camera optics are a few of the notes, but neither photos nor Videos.

spectacular Videos with effects said to achieve, connect to the camera with a Smartphone and launch the corresponding App. The cable is connected to the left side of the camera, three pieces for USB type-C Lightning and Micro USB. Then you can see in the tutorials of the App, what you can do with a Selfie Stick and other tools to shoot spectacular movies. Optionally, the camera can also be used via W-Lan with the phone to connect.

The image resolution is 18 megapixels with 6080 × 3040 pixels. The files are stored in a proprietary Format and as a JPG, a raw format is also selectable. The extension of the dynamic range, there is a HDR function. Furthermore, a time-lapse and self-timer are adjustable. The lock time in manual mode, 1/8000 of a second to 120 seconds, the sensitivity of the manufacturer, with ISO 100 to ISO 3200. In the video Department, the camera 16.6 Megapixel captures at 30 frames per second, with reduced resolution, the image frequency can be 50 or 100 frames per second increase, for example, for the Bullet-Time effect. With an aperture of 2.0, the camera light is not strong. Videos are also stored in a proprietary Format and as MP4 files.

The video is a decent sharpness to achieve, and this is the sticking point in all 360-degree cameras. The two 180-degrees-perspectives is done automatically in the camera, here you have to take care of anything. Only you sometimes see the edges. Not least, it is noted that the Apps are not yet Mature. But the image – and video editing on the Smartphone or Tablet makes a lot of fun, and one is always amazed again, how much can be made of the Panoramic images. Amazingly, the high quality of the built-in image stabilization.