34 years after the assassination of The “Skandia-man” should have killed Olof Palme no dead suspect, no evidence, not a new process: The investigation of one of the most spectacular political murders as a “total fiasco”, such as media comment.Kai Strittmatter from Kopenhagen0 comment, Eder, a former witness is the offender: Stig Engström, 20 years ago passed away.Photo: Keystone

Actually, Krister Petersson, chief Prosecutor in the Olof-Palme-investigation, is an almost impossible task: Ideally, had to pull the trigger, he would have had to have a Smoking Revolver present, with fingerprints, DNA traces and the corresponding Protect. After 34 years, that was an impossibility, but probably not a few Swedes had expected something of this day, the biggest tabloid in the country, “Aftonbladet”, this Morning, as “historically” had announced.

The murder of the former Prime Minister Olof Palme is Sweden today Trauma: An “open wound that could never be healed,” as the incumbent Prime Minister Stefan Löfven formulated. And now this media conference, on which the country depended for weeks of fever had. Prosecutor Petersson had already promised months ago, a conclusion, an answer to the question: Who’s got Palme killed on the open street in Stockholm with a shot in the back on that 28. February 1986?

It is a virtual media conference, a video circuit, the Coronavirus was due. And hours before people had logged in on the Website of state television, SVT, broadcast live. “My God, 34 years old, we had to wait. And today’s the day,” wrote a spectator to 7.36 PM in the comment column. And an hour later, another: “the sky said, I can barely stand it anymore.”

The fall tree is completed: investigator Hans Melander and Prosecutor Krister Petersson at today’s video conference.Photo: Keystone

point at 9.30 a.m. state’s attorney Petersson and the lead investigator Hans Melander in Spartan Setting appeared. A table, two water glasses and two microphones. And it took no two minutes, as the Nation learned the name of a new suspect: Stig Engström, graphic designer of the company Skandia, in 2000, passed away. Then the official announcement: The criminal investigation followed – with the equivalent of 60 million euros, the most expensive of the Swedish history – will now set.

hair-Raising errors of earlier investigators

get Sweden so, what did it want? Instead of dramatic catharsis, there was a one and a half hour Power Point presentation of the two as correct, reputable and effectively-known official. Instead of Smoking the turret delicate investigation followed caps technical explanations about worn or not worn, coats and handbags from the perspective of different witnesses. There was no proof, only circumstantial evidence. No new tools, just the same old statements in a new light evaluated. And, not unimportant, were also brought hair-raising failures of the previous investigators of the day.

After a visit to the cinema in Stockholm, Olof Palme (1927-1986) murdered:.Photo: Keystone

If it was Stig Engström, really, that would be another bad joke in these Debacles so investigation rich. The alleged offender, in Sweden also known as “Skandia-man”, was an employee of Skandia insurance and had alcohol and money problems, was a sports shooter, the political right, and he wrong in Palme-critical circles. Above all, however, He had never hidden, it was just the whole time just in front of the eyes of the police present, he was literally dancing in front of you.

The “Skandia-man” fooled the police

“Almost as if he wanted to mock you,” said Prosecutor Petersson at today’s video conference. Engström had been at the time of the murder, such as 20 others, the police of persons known to also. He served the police and the media repeatedly active as a witness. When the police him differently than other witnesses at the time, not invited to the reconstruction of the fact, contacted the “Skandia-man,” old well-Known from the TV – and staged its own reconstruction.

That was the craziest part of the otherwise very sober media conference: As the state’s attorney was going on this old TV clip in which Engström that night may re-enact, in which he runs, with his coat, and he may want to help the cameras his Version to tell: how he on the road opposite palm, and how unfair it was that later, some had him in suspicion.

just As amazing: As a Prosecutor Petersson revealed after playing the old Clips that the then police have not given-in-chief Hans Holmér, the instruction, not to determine against Engström, in order for him “the state’s lawyers in the claws”. Holmér was obsessed with the idea of the Kurdish rebel organization PKK to put behind the murder, and therefore he could use any distraction.

One thing is clear after today’s media conference: the United state’s attorney Petersson has not with his statement, the Sweden. “This is not a conclusion”, wrote about “Svenska Dagbladet”. A dead suspect, no evidence, no new procedure. It was even “a total fiasco,” commented “Aftonbladet”. The former party leader of the social Democrats, Mona Sahin, said she was not feeling well, “easily confused”.

“A monument to the failure of the police”

Other people were publicly happy about the family of the Murdered. “I also think that Engström is the culprit,” said Olof Palme’s son, Mårten Palme on Swedish television. He and his brother, Joakim, published a statement in which you describe the setting of the studies as “reasonable.”

Prosecutor Petersson said, the presented solution is one that is “behind us”. And further: “If we can convince others, then that’s good.” For the time being, it looked first as if he had not achieved this objective. The Swedes would now live as well, you never know really who killed Palme, wrote the newspaper “Dagens Nyheter”. The investigations are now coming to an end and today is the final “a monument to the failure of the police”.

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