The German handball players gathered after their strong final spurt at the long mixed-world Cup friendly against the Czech Republic in the centre circle and enjoyed the warm applause of the audience. Despite some periods of Weakness, the DHB-selection began in the trial game against the EM-Sixth on Friday in Hannover with 32:24 (17:13). “We have gained important insights. Especially that we pull together from periods of Weakness,“ said national coach Christian Prokop. “We showed in the final quarter of an hour is impressive.”

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

At the international at the most second-rate guests, captain Uwe gensheimer with ten goals, the best thrower of the Prokop-force, which acted in front of 9967 spectators for long stretches nervous. “We had in the first half, some of the coordination problems,” admitted gensheimer. “But we have potential and work on the little things. It has certainly made Mega-fun.“

On Sunday (14.00 clock/ denies the DHB-selection in Kiel against Argentina in the world Cup dress rehearsal. The world Cup opening game will take place four days later in Berlin against Korea. “We have for the world Cup for sure still room for improvement”, was a circle runner Patrick Wiencek.

Two player Prokop to Sunday stress from his current 18-member roster. Letter of recommendation for a world Cup Ticket issued against the not for the world Cup-qualified Czechs, but only a few. Especially the long stretches of weak performance of the German Defensive surprised. Only goalkeeper Andreas Wolff presented itself in the early minutes, later had to vacate after a few light hits, but his place, for Silvio Heinevetter. “The Interaction goalkeeper-defense-of-block has not worked in some situations”, said Prokop.

The national coach tried to correct the appearance of the European championship of 2016 with all sorts of Gestures and facial Expressions. The sovereign acted on his team until the end phase, as the projection against the estate of the Czechs at the end was continuously increased.

In the first half had improved the offensive game of the hosts with the collection of circle runners Jannik kohlbacher. To break the German earned a Four-goal lead, which melted later in the meantime but again on a goal. Among the best actors Bacher in addition to gensheimer and cabbage, especially in the second round, triumphing Heinevetter.