After a failed assassination attempt, the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office has filed charges against a 49-year-old man from Hamburg. The school attempted participation in a murder out of greed, as well as incitement to dangerous bodily harm will lay buried to the load, said chief Prosecutor Nadja Niesen on Friday. In February 2010, a lawyer was shot after Leaving his apartment in Frankfurt-West in the leg. The injuries were not life-threatening.

the Principal fact, according to the indictment, the Hamburg-based businessman. He is said to have promised to a well-Known 200.000 Euro for the killing of the lawyer. The background is a Hamburg of a pending civil process, in which the Frankfurt bar as a representative of the had obtained against seem to have a Arrest warrant against the businessman, such as Sneezing explained. was By the death of the lawyer, the business man hoped to have come out of the Arrest.

The well-Known of the man is given the job to two so far unknown to the men, and each of these, 50,000 Euro have to be paid. The person denies, according to Sneezing the allegations. Trial dates are not fixed yet.