Association sounds the Alarm – 20’000 industrial Jobs are in GefahrDie Corona-crisis, firms in the mechanical engineering, electrical and metal industry in existential hardships. The industry Association Swissmem is expected to removal therefore a set. Angelika Gruber28 Kommentare28Die mechanical engineering industry is affected by the decline in demand due to the crisis: One employee is working on a major order for the rail sector of the company Tenconi in Airolo. (14. April 2020).Alessandro Crinari/Ti-Press/Keystone

Hans Hess finds clear words: reduce the number of employees in the crisis-hit machine, electrical and metal industry was “inevitable”, – said the President of the powerful industry Association Swissmem
on Tuesday to the media.

in Contrast, the currently by many companies utilized short-time working will not help. “In the short term useful, but is not to be understood as a miracle weapon.” This is because the orders were broken into during the Corona-crisis after an already difficult year in 2019 significantly.

“It is for this year and also for next year, don’t give companies that have no perspective.”

Hans Hess, President of Swissmem

, And by a rapid recovery of the Association is not. “There will be companies that have no perspective for this year and also for next year,” says Hess. “These companies are not going to come around, your workforce of the future expected job level.”

Swissmem predicts, the decline in demand for machinery, electronics and metal parts are “made in Switzerland” would be similar to dramatically, such as after the financial crisis of 2008. Similarly, the consequences for the jobs. Then 20’000 Jobs have been lost in the sector within two years. They came back haven’t been back since. Swissmem Director Stefan Brupbacher language concerning the number of endangered jobs of an “analogy” to 2008.

Currently are in the premises of the industry – from large group to small or medium-sized enterprises – 325’000 employees. When it comes to staff reduction, was open Hess.

The evaluation of the Association coincides with the data of the Federal office of statistics for the employment prospects of rises in individual sectors. They result in a particularly tense situation in the industry and suggest a reduction in the current second quarter. In the first three months of employment in the year of comparison was increased, in industry as well as for the whole of Switzerland.

Three-quarters of the companies do not earn enough

Why companies are forced to take drastic steps is explained by a look at the earnings: Nearly three-quarters of the companies expect for the current year losses or earn too little to have a good Livelihood. A survey of Swissmem shows.

not all companies have only been in the Corona-crisis problems: 43 percent of the companies complained in the previous year on losses or unsatisfactory margins. Reasons for this is the strong franc, the Swiss Goods abroad and less competitive, the trade conflicts and the crisis in the car industry, which for many Swiss companies are a major buyer of goods.

on top of this, the Corona-crisis, which led to a demand in important sales markets such as Germany, France, Italy and the United States break now. The latest export statistics shows: In April, the continued to fall. The machinery, electrical and metal industry is no exception. Overall Swiss exports in the last month of the season, contracted, adjusted by almost 12 percent – the highest decline since decades.

Association calls for the extension of the Federal aid

Despite the difficult situation, only 37 percent of the members of the company have requested until the end of April, a Corona-aid loan, such as Hans Hess explains. The crisis will make the industry in the next two quarters full.

in Order to enable the companies for as long as possible access to the assistance, calls for the Association, that you can still request up to the end of the year loans and the short extended work on 18 months.

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