Creative despite Corona 12-Year-old ballet dancing with waste eimermit their unusual appearance, the Australian won the Rose Mollison Bronte a Online competition. The girl had chosen a dustbin as a dance partner.Won the Online competition “I and my trash can”, The Australian Bronte Rose Mollison.Video: Claire Carroll via Storyful

A Facebook posted Video shows, the Australian Bronte Rose, Mollison, as she leaves the ballet costume to her house in the Brisbaner the suburb of Herston. Then she begins the footpath to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan lake” to dance a Pas de deux.

your dance partner is a waste bucket, behind the someone is that moves him. The Video was created for the Online competition “Me and My Am” (“I and my waste bucket”) of the Facebook group Australia Performs. The competition wanted to provide the young dancers who could not attend due to Covid-19-restrictions on competitions, a creative outlet.

Mollison won the competition, and thus the 50 Australian dollars (the equivalent of 32 francs), and your Video was posted in the Facebook group Am insulation Outing.