With a mobile phone, with a device, with a tablet… Today, you have many technical means to take photos. There is no need for a special occasion to capture a moment of life. However, there are situations in which you may run into some trouble.

This is particularly the case when you take a shot on the public highway. If an average person is in your photo, they might come and ask you to delete it. However, nothing forces you to do so. “In the context of a public place, there is no prohibition concerning the act of shooting”, specifies Les Numériques.

If you can therefore photograph an ordinary person, here are ten cases in which taking pictures is prohibited. Find them in the slideshow below.

On public roads, you will never be prohibited from photographing anyone. On the other hand, the dissemination of an image is highly regulated.

In the case of a photo taken in a public place, the authorization of the person who appears in the photo is “necessary” if it is “isolated and recognizable”, specifies the site of the public service.

To distribute the image via the press, television, a website or a social network, only a written agreement is valid. Here is what it should state:

Be careful, if the image “is reused for a purpose different from the 1st broadcast”, you will have to obtain a new authorization.