in-Depth analysis of the moment can be misleading. It is the same with the inclination of historians to keep things from the outset created, just because it came up at the end.

Peter storm

editor in the policy, who is responsible for “Political books”.

F. A. Z.

With the first method you should have the election of the constituent national Assembly on 19. To declare January 1919, a dawning of a bright future. Because in an election in Germany it was received never been so democratic as this. All were allowed to choose, if you were at least 20 years old.

All votes had the same weight, the times of the notorious three-class election is over were right out of the Empire. And, for the first time women were allowed to proceed to the ballot box, what was in the so-called “old” democracies are still by no means a matter of course.

national Assembly in the province of

the result seemed to open up the best prospects. Parties that were on the floor of the democracy, won a majority. The strongest party, the social democracy was. 37.9 percent of the votes, enough for 165 seats. The left fork USPD only came to 7.6 percent (22 seats). The especially of Catholics selected the center reached 19.7 percent of the votes and 90 seats, the left-liberal German democratic party 18.6 percent and 75 seats.

The German people’s party (DVP), the successor party of the national liberals won 22 seats, the more right-wing German national people’s party 42. In the national Assembly, 37 were women, what you can depending on the angle of view with the addition only or at least. The pre-election period under this name, founded the Communist party did not take part because their protagonists had aspired to according to the Russian model of a roll-over without a choice.

method two is the choice analysis would stand out in spite of the result of the generally unstable situation in the country, as well as the fact that the anti-democratic forces were strong enough, that the Parliament could not occur in Berlin. Instead, the deputies in the province had to Dodge, to Weimar. The new start after the lost world war, according to this reading, therefore, under a bad star.

The “Weimar coalition”

it was A big Problem for all Democrats that you will not or hardly be held responsible, found a situation for which they were. The handling of the war defeat but dropped them. The perceived and real humiliations, which Germany had to agree to in the course of the year 1919 for better or worse, wore, if you were cast in Treaty form, not the signatures of Ludendorff, Hindenburg or Emperor Wilhelm, but, for example, the centre politician Matthias Erzberger.

And because people at all times are seducible, caught the Propaganda against the “November criminals”, as representatives of the new state were called in the memory of the time at the end of the war in 1918.