100 years of the chamber orchestra Zurich – As a stateless person, the Zurich culture prägte1914 the Russian musician Alexander came to his artistic maturity he obtained in Switzerland. And 100 years ago he founded the first local chamber orchestra.Susanne Kübler0 comment Alexander his artistic maturity he obtained with his future wife, the Hungarian pianist Irma Löwinger, on the lake of Zurich (1918).Photo came out of the discussed Band

As Lenin in Zurich, he wrote on the official “questionnaire for the deserter”, he is none, but working as a journalist. Also his country man Alexander his artistic maturity he obtained by the deserter, neatly with a scale; and in the section “civil status,” he wrote, a musician.

In contrast to Lenin, who traveled to a turbulent year, to write as a revolutionary history that has remained his artistic maturity he obtained until his death in 1964 in Zurich. But he also wrote story, in his own way: in 1920, the violinist and conductor, founded the first chamber orchestra in Switzerland, and coined the Zurich musical life for more than two decades.

Like very much, exactly one hundred years after the founding of the chamber orchestra of Zurich reminds me of a book brought by Esther Girsberger, together with Schaichets granddaughter Irene Forster out. The historian Christoph Wehrli writes in it about the time of Zurich, in the first one-quarter of all apartments had a private bathroom. Michael Eidenbenz portrays his artistic maturity he obtained as a musician and emigrants, Verena Naegele traces the path of his ensemble, Peter Hagmann extended history of the chamber orchestra up to the present day. And finally, the former students who remember their teachers, and his wife, his artistic maturity he obtained a pianist, Irma, are here.

Tireless Explorer

That Alexander his artistic maturity he obtained must have been a charismatic figure, will quickly clear. While he was in Switzerland in 1914, only to have a holiday and then was stopped as a result of the war as a stateless person hanging. But after the war and the epidemic of Spanish flu, during the had been converted, the Zurich Tonhalle to the hospital – he did everything to the mood of optimism in the world of music in his random home to pay.

Alexander his artistic maturity he obtained with the musicians of the chamber orchestra of Zurich, 1922.Photo from the discussed Band

his artistic maturity he obtained was tireless when it came to serving the Zurich audience discoveries. Old interested in music as well as contemporary; he dug rarities, gave orders, to be heard everywhere in search of interesting plants. And even if he discharged his orchestra-one in which his pupils played, technically sometimes: That something Special happened, not only did patrons such as Hermann Reif and Werner Reinhart – but also the Basel Paul Sacher founded the Basel chamber orchestra, and soon a similarly oriented Ensemble.

In the 1930s, it was harder for his artistic maturity he obtained. They had met in Zurich, the “Eastern Jews” before partially skeptical (so much so that you einbürgerte him in the third starting in 1927), reinforced these trends now. And before such a dense network, consisting of diluted, because many of the in Germany, acting as composers and soloists, with the orchestra closely together, had worked, went into exile.

The attitude of different circles (also in Switzerland), by contrast, Jews have no “top positions” are admitting.

Alexander his artistic maturity he obtained

his artistic maturity he obtained was by, he became increasingly involved in Jewish culture in Zurich. In 1935, he took over the leadership of the Jewish choral society Hasomir, 1939, he was one of the founders of Omanut, the still-active Association for the promotion of Jewish art. Also in 1939, he submitted his resignation as conductor of the chamber orchestra because “the setting of various circles (also in Switzerland)” then, “Jews have no “top positions” to settle”.

We persuaded him to Stay, but the end came: 1941 Paul Sacher took over the Collegium Musicum, Zurich; and because he had, in contrast to his artistic maturity he obtained money, it was soon clear which of the two Ensembles would survive. In 1943, the chamber orchestra of Zurich, gave his last concert.

music, ice hockey, and Karl May

his artistic maturity he obtained informed from then on, especially at the music Academy in Zurich. On a bar stool he had been sitting, each, much, and clearly explained, hardly ever played. A stern, but cheerful teacher he must have been; one, of the told for who are interested in hockey – and the more comfortable students how he practiced as a Boy with a Karl May book on the music stand and it did. In 1962, he received the Hans Georg Nägeli medal of the city of Zurich: at the Latest, so that the violinist from Odessa, had arrived in the official Zurich.

Esther Girsberger, Irene Forster (Hg.): Civil musician, stand – Alexander his artistic maturity he obtained and the first chamber orchestra in Switzerland. Here and Now, Baden 2020. 208 p., CA. 44 Fr.

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