News stories can be intense, exciting, terrifying and sometimes even comical. Indeed, some of them look so surreal that they could almost make us smile. This is particularly the case with this man who was arrested after having tried to rob a supermarket twice, ten days after being released from prison, reports Lorraine Actu.

The facts took place in the town of Rombas, in Moselle, on October 25, 2018. In the morning, a 30-year-old individual entered an E. Leclerc Express supermarket and headed for the manager’s office. Finding that it is empty, he takes a second door which takes him directly to the vault room. He then seizes an amount of 3,000 euros, hides them under his jacket and leaves the store.

Satisfied with his success and confident, he decides to return there in the afternoon to steal even more money. When he arrives in the safe room, he does not find money as he had hoped, but cash boxes, used to store change. He seizes it and this time loads a shopping cart because of the heavy weight of his loot, then he manages to escape.

If no one had noticed him the first time, a cashier would have tried to stop him when he returned in the afternoon, without success. Fortunately, the thief was easily identified thanks to the video surveillance system since he was very well known to the police. He had just, let us recall, to be released from prison only 10 days earlier and was again tried in immediate appearance.

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